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important to the united states? >>> india is going to be central to what we want to do in the world. >>> also, a disturbing new trend. police say they can't keep track of all of the registered sex offenders. there are just too many to keep an eye on. the internet provides easy prey. how can you keep your family safe? >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. at this hour, we're waiting for the prime minister of india, manmohan singh, to arrive at the white house. president obama and the first lady will pay invitation to the first dinner. the list includes hollywood stars and business chiefs. 320 people will gather under a white house tent in the south lawn. singer jennifer hudson will headline the event. the symphony orchestra and the marine band will also perform. earlier today, president obama met with the indian prime minister and called them natural allies. topping the topics, global warming and trade. president obama has promised to visit india next year. >>> now to president obama's big decision on the war in afghanistan. the president said today he plans on finishing the j
. . every industrialized country has that system except the united states. we are going to change that. national polls show that the majority of doctors and the majority of americans favor a single payer system. that is why six months ago, we went to capitol hill. when senator baucus opened that first day of hearing in may, i stood up and said, excuse me, sir, why have you taken single payer off the table? why have you not allowed one doctor testify for single payer? baucus ordered us arrested. one by one, margaret, kevin, carol, and four others stood up and confronted baucus. and one by one we were all arrested and charged with disruption of congress. in a plea deal earlier this year, we agreed not to disrupt congress throughout the end of this year. since that day in may, baucus and harry reid in the senate, and nancy pelosi and steny hoyer in the house have cobbled together incomprehensible legislation. it is convoluted and confusing. but one thing is clear -- president obama and the democrats have cut a dirty deal with the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. obama took
to terrorist organizations, that directly threaten the security of the united states, it is essential that our government agencies are sharing information about such individuals. what happens been in the media these last days about major hasan and his behavior, if determined to be true, is very disturbing. such allegations as justifying suicide bombing on the internet, lecturing fellow soldiers using jihadist rhetoric, warning about adverse events if muslims were not allowed to leave military service, repeatedly seeking counsel from a radical islamic imam with well-known ties to al-qaeda. attempting to convert some of his patients who were suffering from stress disorders to his distorted view of islam and finally, was the fbi sharing with the army what it knew about hasan and aulaqi and was the army sharing what it knew about hasan with the fbi? while these patterns are preliminary and will be confirmed by the the investigations that are being conducted, it is very similar to what we experienced at fort bragg in the late '90s where we were wrongfully tolerating extremists in our organization w
of the united states? i find that shameful, sir. >> my title is general after 32 years of military service. >> i apologize. >> -- wounded in action i'm offended by your deliberate marginalization of my viewpoint and let me know what to say -- >> i was quoting you, sir, are those not quotes? are the quotes, yes or no? >> i'm offended by your language. >> you are offended by your quotes? >> let me go on to respond -- >> what part of your quotes of and you? >> are you going to let me answer? >> i have five minutes i can do whatever i wish. so, go ahead. i want to know are you offended by your quotes? i was quoting you. >> if you're asking me if i think the cubans are a national security threat to the united states my answer is if you ask for the top 20 national security threats they wouldn't be among them. now, my actual viewpoint, however, is that u.s. national interest will be better served by lifting the travel ban, by engaging in diplomatic contact with them and indeed -- >> my specific questions were asking you whether you do not feel that our security would be at any risk by your quotes sayin
in this new media. when somebody stands up in the congress of the united states during the state of the union and said, " ." >> nobody in the caucus supported what he did -- "you lie." >> nobody in the caucus supported what he did. the civility is not news. we try not to bash the media, hillary. we had an earlier conversation that talk about immigration reform where a truly bipartisan group of senators get together and all slated then, not quite, but there were in large number of democratic and republican senators working on it. that was in 2007. john mccain was simultaneously running for president. he and senator kennedy were the two leaders, the co-authors of the bill. you never saw them together in public however. kennedy said to mccain, look, we cannot show up in tv cameras together or you will lose new hampshire. it is how the press promotes incivility. >> the sense of being in the political minority, the only way you get hurt is to be no easier and more obnoxious. clearly, democrats, we did that -- we talked a lot about this during george bush's presidency. now republicans are doing a t
security interest of the united states. it is urgently needed. the president knows achieving this goal will be difficult, but he also has said that he will not waver in his persistent pursuit of a comprehensive peace in the middle east. for that reason, he has dedicated himself and his administration to the resumption of israeli-palestinian negotiations and the creation of an atmosphere that maximizes the prospects for success. . >> that is why we have been urged the palestinians to expand and improve their security effort, and to take strong and meaningful action. it is what we have an urged the arab states to take steps of normalization with israel. it is what we have urged israel to stop settlement activity. as i said earlier, while they fall short of a full freeze, we believe the steps announced by the prime minister are significant and could have substantial impact on the ground. for the first time ever the israeli government will stop housing approvals and on the construction of housing units. and related infrastructure in west bank settlements. that is positive development. he s
the last eight years united states has become cuba's principal food supply year and fifth largest trading partner, but americans cannot walk our streets or shop with our people. only recently we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the fall of the berlin wall. it should be recalled that the iron curtain started to open up by millions of westerners visiting the country's. we are grateful to the politicians who carried out the policy that helped create the conditions for this peaceful outcome. americans played a significant role. today you have a similar opportunity regarding cuba. we are aware of the concern of many distinguished congress women and men of the financial the impact of american tourism on the cuban economy, fearing that the civility of giving birth to the totalitarian regime we believe that many thousands of americans visiting cuba would benefit our society and enhance our people. firstly through the free flow of ideas and further asking the government to open up and provide goods and services such as renting rooms because the capacities in the hotels would be surpassed. it wou
number of people in the united states who are related to each other and we just don't know it. >> tonight the woman who uncovered michelle obama's family ties will give us more detail and dig into my own roots. >> this, for example, is your grandmother. >>> this is your only source for news, cnn prime time begins now. here's campbell brown. >>> hi there, everybody. we start tonight, as always, with the mashup. we're watching it all so you don't have to and tonight after weeks of debate at the white house about what to do in afghanistan, the president has made a decision. the pentagon right now is drawing up plans to send about 34,000 u.s. troops to afghanistan and what that means is that young men and women from around the country will be packing up and shipping out very soon. president obama is expected to make the official announcement next tuesday in a prime time address. >> it is my intention to finish the job, and i feel confident when the american people hear a clear rationale for what we're doing there and how we intend to achieve our goals that they will be supportive. >> i antici
-- and i would say enthusiastic role by the united states of america, these negotiations will not yield the kind of the kind of results that we are looking for. true, we would have hoped that the united states of america would have been more ambitious than what it has indicated. >> reporter: india is also one of the world's largest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, but is a relative newcomer to an industrialized economy. saran says the country has concerns that a climate agreement could stifle economic development. >> for us, climate change is not just a separate issue, it is intermixed with our developmental, you know, issues itself. so how we balance, you know, the problem of climate change with the other stresses and strains that the country is going through as this process of social and economic transformation, we would hope that there is some understanding of that challenge that we face. >> reporter: meantime, a series of studies released today in the british medical journal "the lancet" could give another boost to advocates of addressing climate change. the studies found that
, the president should be aware the jobs people are worried about in the united states are getting people back to work. we have 15 million people out of work. our priorities are skewed here. we have things to take care of her at home. why are we worrying about afghanistan? it really raises questions about the extent of the pentagon's influence on the administration. >> why do you think the president is doing it? many people thought the president came from the same side of the tracks that you're on, generally speaking, in terms of the limits of u.s. power in the world and the need to rejoin the world community and not to be hawkish. what do you make of his decision? why do you think he moved that direction? >> well, i think it's going to be a tough one to defend. and you're right about the -- we've seen the limits of u.s. coercion, and this government in afghanistan is a corrupt government. everyone knows that. sooner or later, the kind of consensus government which afghanistan has had historically is going to have to be reinstituted so people in afghanistan will have control over their own des
celebrate the great and growing partnership between the united states and india. as we all know in india some of life's most precious moments are often celebrated under the cover of a beautiful tent. it's a little like tonight, we have incredible food and music and are surrounded by great friends. for it's been said that the most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty within us. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever before. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our people. it's a bond that includes more than 2 million indian-americans who enrich every corner of our great nation. leaders in government, science, industry and the arts, some of whom join us tonight and the bond of friendship between a president and prime minister who are bound by the same unshakable spirit of possibility in brotherhood that transforms both our nations, the spirit that gave rise to movements led by giants like gandhi and k
% by 2050. congress has not yet passed legislation which by make those cuts law in the united states. that is a battle still to be fought in washington. but the administration is clearly hoping that both domestic laws and an international treaty or attainable perhaps within the next year. >> just a note. visit our website for everything you need to know about climate change and the copenhagen summit. there are full details there on the science of global warming, also a summary of the main countries' positions. all that on our website. israel's prime minister has declared a 10-month restriction on new building in the jewish settlements on the best bank, but it doesn't include east jerusalem, and the palestinians have refused to attend taxi unless they stop building on all occupied territory. >> israel's plan is to restrict jewish settlement building on the west bank for a period of 10 months. it is aimed as bringing the palestinians back to the negotiating table. but many in the middle east see this as a cynical move. israel knows the palestinian position well. palestinian leaders hav
governance. in other words, what is the role of the united states as a very significant shareholder in general motors. we're not looking at it from the auto industry but across the institution where we have a significant interest and what role the united states is playing in the management of those companies. the united states is the government the obama administration stated repeatedly that it wants to have the board run the company the way they deem appropriate and that's obviously a policy balance against the concerns raised by you which is taxpayer money being used to fund opal and make sure europeans maintain their jobs. we're going to do an audit product that really takes a look at what the obama administration has said its role is going to be and compare to what's actually happened and see how those match up and come up with some ideas and recommendations going forward. so we're going to take a look from an audit perspective but it's important to remember that when this money was invested, whether it was with general motors or citi or in the capital purchase program, differen
. the whe house said today the united states will not be in afghanisn for another eight or nine years. that word as the admistration lays t groundwork for presidt obama's announcement on tueay of a new war rategy. darren gersh takes a look at question many are asking: w much will the w strategy cost. and what will it mean fothe economy? >> reporter: in ir and afghanistan total ending is on pace to hit $1rillion by the enof the 2010 budget year. our annual defen spending has not been this high since world war ii. but weighed agait our gross domestic product the broest measure of economiactivity anthony cordesman, aadviser to thstate department and pentagon saythe wars in afghistan and iraq are not an undue burden. >> with two wars a that includes still an iraq efft ich is much more expensive than the afghan fort, the burden on the amican economy is a little over 4% whicis much lower than it was durin most of the coldar. reporter: to date, the war afghanistan has cost t nation $227 bilon. the president harequested anothe$73 billion for next year bringing the total official st so far to
about his new autobiography, and his 20 years in the united states senate. this is live on c-span every day, at 7:00 eastern. the center for american progress will have a forum on the u.s. education system tomorrow morning, including remarks by the education secretary, arnie duncan, and new york mayor michael blumberg. this is 8:00 eastern. >> the yeas are 60, the nays are 39. the motion is agreed upon. >> with that, the senate is moving the health care bill to the floor. starting on monday and through december, follow every minute of debate, and see how this would affect access to health care, abortion, and medicare, on the only network that gives you the senate, -- 2-gavel, c-span2. >> -- gavel to gavel, c-span2. >> the president and his wife hosted the indian prime minister. we have our coverage behind the scenes. >> this is the first state dinner of the obama administration, and the third for thindia in one decade. these are being held behind me and we are joined by nia-maleka henderson. who are some of the notable people tonight? >> oprah winfrey was not here tonight, but her best
, the united states has been using a base technology to create vaccine. while it is safe and effective, it's a slow-moving process. across europe, vaccine developers are using the faster process of incorporating the million sales to grow the vaccine. as we begin to explore cell-based technology, i would pose the question will there be an adequate fda approval for this new vaccine? i'm also interested in hearing in the vaccine manufacturers from how they ramped up reduction in some cases to ten times their normal production schedule. we know that production of a delayed for h1n1, a harmful but relatively moderate virus compared to something more lethal like the spanish flu. but in the case of a stronger virus, the higher fatality rate, what our country be able to produce enough vaccine for everyone in a short time. here it so i look forward to questioning the witnesses, welcome them again, learning more about how we can improve vaccine reduction in our country and again thank the chairman for this joint an important hearing. i yield back. >> thank you ms. eshoo. gentleman from pennsylvania,
to copenhagen. it signals to the world that he is serious and the united states is serious about taking a step toward a final binding agreement. >> reporter: in copenhagen the president will propose the united states cut its greenhouse gas emissions in a range of 17% by 2020. >> from the environmental perspective it's not quite enough to get to where we need to be, but it's a really, really important start. >> reporter: still, not enough for some. friends of the earth call the 17% target weak. mr. obama's proposal is far less than the cuts promised by japan and the european union. even the united nations climate chief offered only lukewarm praise. >> the world is very much looking to the united states to come forward with an emission reduction target and to contribute international financial support to help developing countries. >> reporter: in other words, come up with the money so poor nations, the most vulnerable to climate change, can buy the technologies to adapt. on climate change the president has two audiences -- the world, which wants united states leadership, and the u.s. senate, whi
control of afghanistan,it would represent major threat to the united states. >> odruff: we heard the present say today when the american peop hear our rational we think they wi come along. >maybe. >> woodruff that's whathe ma. >> maybe a lot of that h to do with th perception of whether the united states can w there an people don't judge the militarsituation very well. and whether the afghanistan... the people in aer dan stan... the afghanistan government canucceed after we've left. there are a aot of dbts on the par of the public about that. >> woodruff: josh gerstein, pull some of this tother. what are the political force out the weighing on the presint? >> here's wt i think the basic poblem is. it is that we may know by 2011 or 2012 whethe the decision the present is abouto announce a success. we may know whether there's better traction for th u.s. mission infghanistan. we'rerobably not going to kno about the me members of congress facee-election in november of ne year. in fact, not all the troop that e president is expeced toend there will even be in country by that tie. tho
conversation, even though rick's not here, you can still call us, in the united states the number is 1-877-742-5751. >>> hey, rick, this is taylor, 35,000 more troops to afghanistan? no, we need to deploy them here and bring the troops over there here and take back our inner cities, fight the gangs, the crimes in our inner cities here, take care of home. >>> got a couple of big stories out of the white house today. it now turns out that the president is planning to make a personal appearance as a global climate change summit in copenhagen next month. and here's the real news t white house says that he is prepared to offer reduction of 17% in america's greenhouse gas emission, 17% below 2005 levels. that has potentially big ramifications, particularly for the cost of energy and the cost of doing business. but what's more important, your wallet or the earth? we'll be keeping an eye on that. >>> the other big story, afghanistan, the president's big announcement on troop re-enforcements is now set for tuesday evening, 8:00 p.m. eastern, from the campus of the united states military academy
and with the problem which is that the goals of pakistan are not the same as the goals of the united states. pakistan wants an afghanistan that is pliable which means they have supported the afghan taliban and supported the taliban to keep afghanistan on edge, to give them strategic depth. we need the pakistanies to cooperate with us. we need them to get tougher on terrorism. and, yet, they don't see their interests as exactly the same. how you support the pakistani government and try to get the pakistani army to do something but deep down they don't believe it is in their national interest is really in many ways the central problem in the afghanistan area. >> michael, despite what is currently happening in western pakistan against the taliban since 2001, pakistan's main focus which fareed eluded to is on an eastern boarder with india. is there any full cooperation with afghanistan? >> this is what america needs to understand. that u.s. troops are bleeding and dying in afghanistan. it's throes do with jihad. far less to do with osama bin laden and al qaeda. and almost everything to do with pakistani
and the last thing we need to do is see the united states fall into that trap when really, we should be focused on american security and the security of the american people and issues like health care are number one. >> jack rice, what does the president have to do to get a successful conclusion in afghanistan? he and the united states? will 35,000 more troops do it? >> no, it went. what we have decided is we have tied ourselves to an imp comp enter regime. that's a fact. whether we put 10,000 or 30,000 more troops in. one more little twist to this, one of the things that is apparently going to happen, we're going to focus in on the cities. you know who else tried that? the russians. the soviets did the same thing. they determined they couldn't do this, either. this is absolutely true. the britts invaded into afghanistan twice and lost. the soviets have done this. nobody has ever successfully taken afghanistan and frankly, i have a hard time believe thag the americans are going to be any different. >> here is the president yesterday giving us a preview. >> after eight years, some of those years
of the discussion has been around the fence that the united states wants to pursue a counterterrorism strategy where they target specific regions of afghanistan. there's an understanding that if you seven of troops to blame did the entire country that it would take something like half a million troops. nobody is talking about that. there are specific regions, especially in the southern part of afghanistan and, that they're talking about increasing the troops as a way of giving them more control over those regions and an ability to push back against the extremists, the taliban, and al-qaeda. host: what will he be asking of nato? guest: there have been many discussions over the past months to try to increase the number of troop commitments from nato countries as a way of allowing the united states to have slightly less of a commitment. in the speech, i think you will see a strong call from the president for the nato allies and the other allies around world to step up. host: thank you very much for being with us this morning, michael shear. there are a number of "washington post"front page stories. thi
money, per se,on the termen ale ill. the objecte that we should face in the unit states is lou to providinformation to individuals an physicians so thathey can make fully inrmed decisions about t kinds of care that they want to have. a sysm suchs great itain's ere expenditur are a small fraction ofwhatwe spend here need to face those kinds of questions. are light-yearaway from having to confront that sortf questi here in the united states. >> we only have a few second left, but there' more to this than just ecomics. there'a moral debate aspect isn't there? >> yes. ve much so. we're all going todie at some point. we wa to have our treatmt at such times be consistent with our values our comrt. we want t spend time with our families and friends. medical care should facilat that, not stand i the w of it. >> henry aaron, thank u very much foreing on the program. >> thank you very much for having me. >>> now,et's get your oughts, because it brings us to tonight's "how youee it" question. in an effort to bring down health ce cost, should the u.s. governmenlimit payment forcancer-figin
pilgrims from 160 countries are here, including thousands from the united states. many have only their faith to protect them. as of this week, just 50 countries have the vaccine. the density of the pilgrims, the nature of the hajj rituals, the proximity in prayer, all provide what health officials say are the perfect conditions for spreading the h1n1 virus. what is the worst case scenario? our worst fear is that you will get a lot of cases, massive cases. >> reporter: for months, saudi officials have been working feverishly to contain the pandemic. each pilgrim is scanned. those who show flu-like symptoms are put in isolation for seven days. dozens of clinics are set up, stocked with the vaccine and tamiflu. motorcycle medical units reach severe cases quickly. the kingdom even brought in experts from the cdc in atlanta. >> there is no more stopping the spreading. what we do with a pandemic, whether it's the u.s., china or saudi arabia, hajj or olympics, is to reduce the burden. >> reporter: the pilgrims believe the only one who can control their fate is god. "it's all in the hand
, michael, on the side of the united states in terms of a commitment to afghanistan and that doesn't just mean our european allies but also pakistan where do we stand with that country? >> you know, i'm not sure what the latest is. clearly, the president has been -- the president and his top people have been pushing for months now greater cooperation from pakistan on helping to resolve this situation. obviously, you know, there's deep distrust between the pakistanis and afghanistan, especially the government in afghanistan now being as shaky as it is. one thing that did happen today, the brits announced that nato allies will be providing about an additional 5,000 troops, which gives president obama a little bit of wiggle room to maybe go somewhat lower than he might otherwise have, below the 40,000 that general mcchrystal originally subjected. >> michael shear and barry mccaffrey, thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to you. >>> following breaking news in utah county, a rescue team working to free a man trapped in a cave. the 26-year-old is stuck 150 feet underground in what's called t
. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and mrs. michelle obama, accompanied by his ex lensy, the prime minister of the mrs. kahr. [hail to the chief playing] applause applause >> please be seated. good evening, everyone. on behalf of michelle and myself, welcome to the white house. afga bahboute. many of you were here when i was honored to become the first president to help celebrate devali, the festival of lights. [applause] >> some of you were here for the first white house celebration of the birth of the founder of sikhism. [applause] tonight we gather again for the first state dinner of my presidency with prime minister manmohan singh and mrs. gorshon kahr as we celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. as we all know in india some of life's most treasured moments are often celebrated under the cover of a beautiful tent. it's a little like tonight. we have beautiful food, music and are surrounded boy great friends. but it's been said that most beautiful things in the universe are the starry heavens above us and the feeling of duty withi
here in the united states. you look at the todollar taking break and creating a lot of action for the big, multinational exporters. that's where it's going to be for the next several quarters. you're going to see an inventory build. slow, slow, it doesn't happen overnight, but you've got to manage risks. i don't agree on buying expensive, foreign stocks. >> what about the fact we've had this huge run-up in stocks? aren't you taking on a lot of risk? >> well, they cut them in half and are on sale. you've got low interest rates, staggering amounts of capital. $200 million in free reserves, don't discount that and the bears are crying all 4,000 points. it's this, it's that. little by little, people are sticking their toe by in. the bankrupt boys are going to lend again and it will return to normal. >> when you talk about risk, the emerging markets and overseas, yes, wonderful growth expected there, but still, incredibly volatile when you put people in those soectors, do you warn the? >> in our line of work, michelle, we are constant reallocators of our model. when we see huge inc
they wear could cost americans jobs. nba jerseys could soon be made outside the united states for the first time ever. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux in cnn's command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. you're in "the situation room." >>> well, i want you to set your tv sets, because we know exactly when president obama is going to announce his strategy decision for afghanistan, and there's only one remaining question. how many more u.s. troops are going to go to war? well, this guessing game is under way, but we do have a few things that we do know. there are 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan right now, and a defense official who is in the know says the pentagon expects orders to send another 34,000 troops which actually means more than 102,000 american troops could be fighting this war. now whether or not this equation is accurate, well, that's going to be revealed in the next couple of days by the president, but i want to go straight to our cnn white house correspondent dan lothian. obviously, dan, this is a decision that h
attacks on the united states. >> will there be a timeline? will we know, look, if in three years things aren't getting better we are going to revisit or we are revisiting every six months or some sort of timetable we will hear from the president? >> you'll hear the president discuss some very specific benchmarks to measure our progress and make sure we understand even as we go along what we are doing and whether we are meeting the very lofty goals we ultimately set out. the president will underscore for the american people this is not an open ended conflict. we will not be here forever. we have to pass this on to the afghans. >> robert, is the president going to brief mcchrystal? is he going to be at west point? >> we are trying to figure out the logistics. general mcchrystal and iken berry are half a world away. suffice it to say before the president walks out at west point he will have walked general mcchrystal and ambassador ikenberry the orders for the mission going forward to secure afghanistan and ultimately transfer that responsibility back to the afghans. >> does the president v
dreams out on the soccer field right here in the united states. >>> and the husband saving his wife's life, but they say the philadelphia phillies played a major role in her recovery. we'll tell you how that happened, and you'll hear her amazing story. you're watching net impact on >>> here is another tidbit for you. former president dwight eisenhower, gerald ford, and ron at reagan all reached the highest office in our land, but before they were president, they were each standout athletes in college. wow. now this. what a year it's been for this next athlete. his name is bofgio. the chicago fire welcomed the rookie mid-fielder to her roster, and being all to play in front of his own hometown has been. a a dream come true, especially when you consider that his journey began in another country where his memories of death and destruction still remain a big part of him. josh mora has gee or geo's story. >> i spent a lot of time playing with my family, so that's really basically it, that i remember, is just playing around with my cousins, running in the wood, and that sort of thing. >>
, the pipeline arena of the united states. they're a company like enterprise product part nirs, as good as you're going to find. in the technology space we like intel where the dividend yield is actually over 3%. we like in the health care arena, baxter international. and then bringing in the telecom, we like verizon, the largest mobile carrier in the united states with a dividend yield of around 6.5%. safe, hive-quality companies. >> george, contrast for me where you would lead people. >> simon, i think that when it comes to dividends, size matters. investors right now are basically bipolar. they don't know whether to participate in the market or to stay away from it. and therefore, i think that the utilities sector, which is decried by many as being drab and dreary and defensive is a good place to put money, both for current yield and for capital appreciation. utility stocks is a group that has gone down over the last year while the market's gone up 25%. certainly on a relative and comparative basis, you can get yields up to 5% to 6% from the likes of dominion resources or duke energy or ame
celebrate the growing partnership between the united states and india. mr. prime minister, today we work to fulfill our duty, bring our countries closer together than ever before. tonight under the stars we celebrate the spirit that will sustain our partnership, the bonds of friendship between our people. >> all right. according to "the washington post," a new forecast from the federal reserve shows the nation's unemployment rate will stay elevated for years. >> oh, my goodness, this is just bad news for america. >> it does, especially after yesterday's news about the real unemployment rate. in october, the figure hit 10th.2%, a 26-year high. >> we talked about how it's going to affect the elections in 2010 around here because we talk about politics, but this recession may affect the 2012 election and the 2014 election. when we talk about, mort, that we've reset the economy, that we're not going to be driven by just crazed consumerism, that means something. we either start building things here in this country again, or this economy doesn't turn around, and people don't get back to work.
the september 11 terror attacks in the united states, tales of heroism would come out of that chaos in mumbai. among them a train announcer who guided people to safety and made himself a target of the gunmen. sara sidner has that story. >> reporter: in a tiny room in a mumbai slum gongo does her chores filled with regret. she can't stop thinking about the day her family decided to do something they had never done before. we were going on a trip, she says, we had a reservation done. we had never ever traveled by train before. at 9:10 p.m. on november 26, 2008, 12 members of the family showed up a at the train station. as usual it was busy. their train was scheduled to leave in a few minutes. we were about to leave, she says. then we heard a sound. it was the sound of gun shots. at that moment, two men shown here on closed circuit tv, started randomly shooting into the crowds. from a bird's-eye view, this man saw it happening. they were screaming, shouting and running out, he says. that is when we realized there were terrorists here. he was on duty when the attacks happened. that night, terror
at home because the united states does not have diplomatic relations with iran, the swiss are acting as go-betweens in this particular case. the last visit was almost a month ago. what have you learned from those visits? >> well, we understand they're in physical good health. but we also are very pained to hear of their isolation and there must be an extremely difficult state of mind they're in because of this isolation. and we are hoping that the iranian authorities will show compassion and release our children as soon as possible. this has gone on way too long. it is just short of four months. i believe it's 117 days. and we cannot imagine why it is such a protracted detention. >> president ahmadinejad was in brazil earlier this week. on monday, he actually talked about this, saying it's up to the courts to decide the fate of your son and his two friends but that he hoped the verdict would be lenient. it's very similar language to that which he used in new york city at the united nations general assembly back in december, yet nothing has happened in terms of their release. do his words g
. in the united states, credit cards have functioned within a system where it's legal for card issuers to charge any fee or any interest rate they want without limits. >> the credit card industry has always been the wild west. the card issuers held all the cards. they could do anything they want-- $39 late fees and $35 over-limit fees; 30% interest rates. and yes, it got crazy. competition ramped up to such a level that it created an industry that was out of control. >> bergman: the industry got out of control because, over the last 30 years, regulations on banks and consumer lending that had been in place since the great depression were steadily eliminated. >> the cops left the streets. there was no one on the beat. >> bergman: christopher dodd of connecticut is the chairman of the senate banking committee. >> where were the regulators in all of this? >> bergman: he says that, for decades, both republicans and democrats voted for deregulation. >> look, i voted for it. >> bergman: you voted for the deregulation? >> yes. but we were wrong. and the message out there to the financial industry was,
in the united states since fleeing the country in 1978 after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl. >>> we will head to jerusalem now where prime minister netanyahu is proposing a ten-month seize on construction. the plan is an attempt to sa restart the peace talks. it wouldn't include jerusalem the holy city claimed by palestinians for a future capital. >>> tokyo, robots of all shapes, sizes and functions on display today in tokyo at the international robot exhibition. one of the stars of the show is the omni zero 1,000. it looks like a transformer robot and can walk, turn itself into a car and is strong enough to lift a grown man over its head. >> nice. that guy sat down on one of them. he sat down. >> i missed t rerack it. >>> are climate change researchers really hiding evidence about global warming? a live report on a new controversy involving stolen memos and the politics of science. >>> plus, going to take you inside the glitz and the glamour of president obama's first state dinner. you are watching "the big picture," only on msnbc. pie reql the ability to gracefull
helping the american taxpayer or, for that matter, representing the united states. what happened to the messesage of change and is it that americans are losing faith in the messenger and, as a result, politicians behaving in a more and more self-interested manner? forget america's next top model. we have the winner of washington's next great pundit. we're going to try to outspin the spinner in a little bit here. >>> no spin here. millions of americans are packing planes, trains and automobiles for the great thanksgiving get-awane we are live on the travel front for you for the obvious reason. it's 10:00 a.m. do pull up a chair and join the "morning meeting." >>> go big and then go home. the president preparing to walk a very fine line this coming tuesday night, expecting to tell the american people that by sending tens of thousands more troops to afghanistan, that the war will end much faster. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my intention to finish the job. >> and a new pol
million vehicles in the united states. the car maker needs to replace accelerator peddles which were getting stuck in floor mats. the problem came to light after a deadly crash in california. >>> across the region. the heavier precipitation that we had throughout the day is moving out. now there is still drizzle out there. also some patchy, heavy fog. for the most part the heavier rainfall is moving on. setting us up for a nice day tomorrow. not fantastic but nice. but for the next couple of hours look for cloudy skies, light drizzle and fog. our temperatures will hold in the mid to low 50s. it will be cooler by tomorrow morning. tomorrow is going to be a little bit better day. we'll tell you about it coming up. >>> if you haven't left to get to grandmas for thanksgiving yet you probably made a good choice. here's a look at i-95 near the henry tunnel. aaa says the best time to travel is after 10:00 tonight. this year travelers heading to bwi marshall have something extra to prepare them for the crowds and chaos. travelers heading to the airport got tips on breathing from a yoga inst
in the toys for tots campaign which is sponsored by the united states marines. >>> president obama's first state dinner is being called a huge success. it featured oscar winning entertainers, hollywood moogs and powerful washington insiders. nancy has more. >> reporter: a listers like steveing spielberg and depack chopra streamed in to a tent adorned with hand leers and flowers to enjoy a night of luxury on the white house south lawn. this was the obama's first state dinner, considered a showcase for the first family's sense of tradition as well as style. >> let our two great nations realize all the triumphs and achievements that await us. >> reporter: the menu featured fresh vegetables, grown in the white house's own garden, presented on china from the eisenhower, clinton and second bush administration. while the entertainment began with the national symphony orchestra, the obamas brought acts from their hometown of chicago to end the night. >> jennifer hudson and curt elsing performed last night and it shows the obamas bringing midwest charm to the white house. the first lady's dress was
will be the only marching band from the united states performing in the parade. university band's first trip to new york. you can imagine how excited parents are who showed up kissing their kids off. >> we'll be watching. >>> college basketball now. how about this? how about the bears from morgan? they've never beaten an scc team. morgan upset arkansas in arkansas. that's the razorbacks first home loss. by the way, maryland lost to cincinnati last night. >>> some say football players are too tough. >> then you see the softer side of players like ray rice. he and anthony brown threw thanksgiving dinner to the less fortunate in downtown baltimore city. >> gives me a good feeling. every day i'm sure of the lifestyle i'm in. it gives you time to reflect, see how blessed you are. take advantage of the opportunities that you're given. this is an opportunity to give back. these guys, i'm sure, appreciate it. >> ravens linebacker ray lewis gave away turkeys to 400 families yesterday. >>> 6:55. put this on full screen. i want to tell you a story through the holiday weekend. special good morning to george ja
the message of the day. it went down well with the indian delegation. >> india and the united states must build the a shared destiny for all humankind. " the diplomacy before and the dinner was made of media stuff, with eight memorandums signed. there is no clear agreement on tackling climate change and it is unclear whether washing can do to resolve south asia's biggest the standoff. >> there are historic conflicts between india and pakistan. is not the place of the u.s. from the outside to try to resolve all those conflicts. >> the state dinner with the celebrity guest list and how it indian cuisine was center. washington is central to india's foreign policy and the u.s. is india's biggest trade partner. there are agreements to be smoothed out before mr. obama goes to india next year. >>> a court in pakistan has charged seven suspects with the tax last year in and buy. -- in mumbai. they're accused of helping to plan and execute those attacks which killed one uttered 66 people. they have pleaded not guilty to the charges. all wild fire has broken down in orange county, california police
's greatest ally, the united states. president obama has expressed great frustration with the long- sought middle east peace talks, and particularly israel's attitude towards settlement. perhaps, the u.s. president will be encouraged by israel's news today, even though palestinians say they definitely are not. the inquiry into britain's role in the iraq war 10 days before the conflict began. the u.k. government received new information on saddam hussein's weapons program, and that intelligence to the heart of the controversy surrounding the war. it is suggested that iraq did not have viable chemical or biological weapons. washington. in the weeks after 9/11. president george w. bush was planning america's response appeared firmly in his sights was an old folk -- some hussein. the bush white house convinced it's up at the iraqi dictator was somehow involved with al qaeda, but that was not the british view. giving evidence today, two more senior officials from the foreign office. did they believe some was working with al qaeda? our view was that there was no evidence to suggest collaboration
, navtechtraffic.com. you can take this and slide it to almost any city in the united states and see how your traffic is going. another thing you can do on this between site, you can put your home address and your destination address and see how long it will take you with the traffic. pretty amazing stuff, kyra? >> you're amazing. thanks, chad. >> sure. >>> busy day at the world's busiest airport. live pics of atlanta's hartsfield-jackson, which also handles tens of dozens of passengers on the day before thanksgiving. cnn's rob marciano gives us a behind-the-scenes look of what it's like. >> reporter: we're here at the world's busiest airport, thousands of people, and planes, coming and going every day. do you ever wonder how the world do they make it work? let's go take a look. a quarter million passengers travel through atlanta's hartsfield-jackson airport every day. so, first up, getting the people to the plane. >> we move about 10,500 passengers an area. >> reporter: computer-controlled trams tunnel under the tarmac connecting the six concourses. we were allowed beyond that, into what fel
khamenei opposed. with relations with the united states, his reply was, what for? what does the will have to negotiate with the sheep? in other words, they are the sheep, we are the wall. they are not interested in meeting and equitable and fair agreement. they are interested in eating us, or if not liberally, humiliating us. and now a on a view -- his view of history. but it became a reason, based on mistrust, became a reason for continuing the estrangement. now, interestingly enough on the american side, you find something similar. you find the view, and if you think this is -- if you think this is dead and spirit you are wrong. i can tell you this view is alive and well. i've encountered it recently as last week -- as last week. the view is that one could never have successful negotiation with iranian leaders who do and say what the current leaders of iran do and say. because they are too fanatical, to xenophobic, too suspicious, and too untrustworthy to deal with. so let's turn to a statement on its head and what we get out, while we get is what do the rational have to negotiate with
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